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A small business shop owner - my products are created by me & packed with much love. Every order means a lot to me and i'm always happy about it!!!! Thank you so much loves for all orders that have already been placed in the 2 years around the world.  

abouuuuut meeeee: 

I come from Indonesia and grew up in germany since i'm a little kid. I studied communication design for 3 and a half years in Hamburg, where i originally come from. I moved to the south of Germany 3 years ago and have been working as a full-time illustrator ever since and now i have run my own online shop - Y.Illustrations for 2 years and i'm really passionate with my profession. I'm therefore very grateful for all the support you have already given me. 



Y.Illustrations Collaborations

You can find some cool collaborations that i had in the past years.

Unfortunately i haven't been able to list all collaborations yet and I can't show private commissions. There will be more on my website soon but that's for now.

I'm very grateful for every collaboration because every collaboration is diverse and unique in its own way. That's why for me it's interesting to work with different companies and clients. There are always different insights into the processes and every work process with the clients gives me new experience and I always learn a lot from it.

Thanks to everyone who has already worked with Y.illustrations.

You are theee best! (:

Ma Vie Cover

I had the opportunity to be in the September issue of Ma Vie magazine in 2021. It was an honor to be with one of my illustrations on a Magazine cover. It was amazing to see how my illustration looks on it and it was a dream that came true.

Thank you so much to the Ma Vie magazine team for this great opportunity (:

  • Flow Magazine Netherlands

  • Flow Magazine Germany

Wild Magazine

Klintcare x Y.Illustrations

I got the opportunity to work with Klintcare, a new brand from Denmark. Klintcare released a Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Hand Soap with 3 Artists who designed the illustrations. The Products are vegan and natural and the packaging are sustainable, so it means you can frame the packaging and hang the illustration on your wall. It was very exciting to see my illustration on a skincare brand.

Thank you so much to Klintcare for this amazing opportunity and the cool collaboration (:

Shop on Klincare.dk

Printsinpieces x Y.Illustrations

I teamed up with Printsinpieces on this Yoga Motif in 2020. It was an honor that Printsinpieces asked me for a collaboration. It was also the perfect timing because the Corona Pandemic was at that time and we were all at home.

Thank you so much to Printsinpieces for this collaboration (:

Shop on Printsinpieces.com
  • A cool collaboration with DasPuzzlekollektiv from Stuttgart.

    Entertaining, Enviromentally friendly, Connecting

    Sustainable puzzles made in Germany

    Shop The Puzzles 

XouXou x Y.Illustrations

I had the honor to work with XouXou in 2020 for christmas season.

It was one of my favorite collaborations because I like wearing the XouXou cases myself and it was so nice to work on this together.

Thank you so much to the XouXou team for the opportunity :)

Shop on XouXou

PlantsarePurple x Y.Illustrations

PlantsarePurple asked me for a cool opportunity to use one of my illustrations as a Packaging for the Christmas gift season.

They made one of my flower patterns into a packaging that is sustainable and has a beautiful look in reality.

Thank you PlantsarePurple for the collaboration (:

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La petit Epicerie x Y.Illustrations

I had the opportunity to collaborate with La petit Epicerie on a "paint by numbers kit" with other cool artists in 2021. It was a cool opportunity because I like something creative myself and haven't done painting by numbers for a long time.

Thanks to La petit Epicerie for the opportunity (:

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Let's Work Together

If you want to work together with Y.Illustrations. You can use the contact formular above or you write me an email: y.ilustrations@yahoo.com

I'm looking forward to working with you (:


I will update my Portfolio very soon :)