It's time for the holiday season 2023!

NEW Calendar 2024, Stickers, Notepads, Weekly Planners, Postcards, Prints and a brand new totebag design. Have fun discovering all the new products.

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NEW A5 Desk Calendar

The calendar contains 12 reminder illustrations. There's every month an illustration to remind you of the positive things or to calm you down. 

NEW Calendar 2024 is finally here

The calendar contains 12 different illustrations. There's every month an illustration to remind you of the beautiful month.


Made with love by Y.Illustrations

Prints, Postcards, Notepads, Stickers & More - Handmade by Y.Illustrations

Autumn Collection 2023

Calendar 2024, Notepads, Weekly Planners, Prints & Postcards, Totebag

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"Rest your mind - with your little journal."

I specially created this journal for inner peace, to stay creative, to loosen you up or if you just want to write down your thoughts because you are stressed, down & sad. This journal should be designed as you like. In the end each journal should be unique in its own way. I hope this little journal can help you find inner peace and always be there for you when you need time alone.



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Hiii I'm Yani,

A small business shop owner - my products are created by me & packed with much love. Every order means a lot to me and i'm always happy about it!!!! Thank you so much loves for all orders that have already been placed in the 2 years around the world.  

I'm Happy you are here! :)

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